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The adage “Everything is bigger in Texas” is certainly true regarding hailstorms. The state ranks first for these events in the United States.

In 2022, Texas had 458 hail events. If you’ve experienced hail damage in Houston and the insurance company doesn’t want to pay, talk to our insurance claim lawyers in Houston. Our hail damage attorneys stand by ready to help you restore your property.

Why Do You Need a Hail Damage Lawyer After a Storm?

Hailstorm damage accounts for nearly 70% of property damage insurance claims from severe storms across North America. While not every storm brings hail, the ones that do can cause much destruction. Check these areas after a hailstorm.

Siding and garage doors

Hail can dent aluminum siding and garage doors. Vinyl siding’s light weight makes it easy for hail to crack or dent it.


Hail can dent your gutters, causing cracks, leaks, and pooled water. Hail can also break your downspouts and gutter hangers.


Your roof is particularly susceptible to hail damage in Houston. You may be able to see dents in your asphalt shingles, but sometimes hail causes cracks you can only see from the back. It can also crack wood, slate, clay, and dent metal roofs. If it is large enough, hail can put holes in the roof.


The wind can blow hail and cause it to crack or break your windows. It can also dent or warp your windowsills. Check with a hail damage lawyer if your insurance denies your window damage claim.

Air conditioners

Hail can heavily damage an air-conditioning unit, denting and damaging it.

Porches and decks

Hail can crack shingles or puncture holes on a porch roof. It can also leave dents and chips that fray the material of your deck.

Hopefully, your insurance will cover any damage your home sustains, but a hail damage lawyer from Haut Mena can assist you when needed.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Most home insurance policies cover hail damage. However, that can depend on where you live. If you’re in a high-risk area along the Gulf Coast, including parts of Harris County east of Highway 146, your insurance may exclude windstorm and hurricane damage (including hail).

Fortunately, the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association offers windstorm insurance, and if you live in a high-risk area, your mortgage lender may require it.

What Should You Do When Your Home Has Hail Damage in Houston?

If you’ve never made a claim before and are unsure how to proceed, a hail damage lawyer can walk you through the process.

Safely assess the damage

Take photos of the hail damage from the ground or another safe location. These photos will help if you need to consult our hail damage lawyer. Don’t try to climb onto your roof. Photograph any remaining hail next to a ruler or coin for size reference.

Call your insurance company

Notify your insurance company as soon as possible. Send photos of the damage.

Mitigate the damage

Cover broken windows or damaged roofs with a tarp or secure covering. Wait to perform permanent repairs until after the adjuster has reviewed the damage.

Keep damaged items

While you may be tempted to throw away ruined items, wait until the adjuster has assessed them. You can also go through your home and make a list of all the damaged structures and objects, estimating the dollar value.

Get multiple quotes from contractors

Get quotes from a few contractors and compare them to the insurance adjuster’s report. Remember, the insurance adjuster may have a financial interest in keeping your claim as low as possible.

What If Your Hail Insurance Claim Is Denied?

Insurance companies lose money when they pay hail insurance claims. Even though you pay premiums and rely on them to cover a claim when needed, they may offer you a low settlement or deny your claim. A Houston hail damage lawyer can review the offer and help determine if it’s fair.

How do insurers get away with paying you less than you deserve? They may:

  • Look only at surface damage without checking for more severe structural damage
  • Underreport the total damage
  • Find another reason to deny your claim

You may have options, such as filing an appeal. Our attorneys can assist you if the insurance company denies your claim.

How Can We Help With Deceptive Insurance Practices?

If your insurance company has acted dishonestly, misrepresented your policy, failed to pay you on time, or paid you less than you deserve, you may have a bad faith claim. This is a legal action against an insurer that refuses to pay fairly or promptly. Texas law states the company may owe you extra damages if they knowingly or intentionally violated state law.

Our attorneys have represented thousands of cases defending property owners against insurance companies. We understand the laws surrounding bad faith claims, and we can support you against deceptive practices.

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You didn’t plan for hail damage. You want the insurance company to honor hail insurance claims to cover your expenses — after all, that’s why you have a policy.

Our attorneys understand you want to recover your losses and move on. You don’t owe us anything until you get a settlement, so call Haun Mena today, or use our website form for a consultation.

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