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Car accidents happen every day and can be major, life-changing events. Often these accidents involve serious and sometimes life-threatening, catastrophic injuries.

Is it Really a Car “Accident?”

Most crashes occur because drivers:

  • Drive distracted
  • Are inattentive
  • Don’t take into consideration road and weather conditions
  • Ignore speed limits and traffic signals
  • Make bad decisions
  • Follow too closely
  • Are impaired by drugs or alcohol

You Need A Car Accident Attorney

Nothing prepares you or your family for the life-changing consequences of an auto accident. Getting an attorney involved soon after an auto accident is important.

The process of making an insurance claim for injuries can be complex. It is important to begin an investigation and take photographs while witness memories are fresh and the scene of the accident is preserved.

Insurance companies begin their investigation, collect evidence and talk to witnesses immediately after a car crash.

Having an attorney on your side allows you to do the same, and protects important evidence.

Don’t Be Fooled

Even when a bad driver admits fault, you may need an attorney.

We often hear that the other driver has “admitted fault” at the scene of the crash. But once their insurance company gets involved, they change their story or the insurance company blames you.

Even when the insurance company admits their driver caused the wreck, they commonly won’t pay the full value of your medical bills, lost wages, damages and other expenses.

There are many issues when you are involved in an auto accident: insurance coverage, medical benefits, underinsured and uninsured coverage, and other insurance benefits. Sometimes, crash experts are needed to review police investigations and sort out the dynamics and causes of car accidents.

You have the right to talk to a lawyer before speaking with an insurance company, or accepting a car accident settlement offer. 


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