Oil Rig Hand Injuries: Prevention and Compensation

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Oil rig work is dangerous. It creates a risk of sudden, catastrophic injury. A lesser-known risk for oil rig workers is hand injuries.

An injury to the hand can be debilitating. It can prevent the worker from continuing in their profession. It can make it impossible to do everyday tasks.

You have substantial rights if you have suffered from a hand injury while working in the oil and gas industry. Our lawyers can represent you throughout the claims process. Contact us today to talk about your case and begin.

Common Types of Oil Rig Hand Injuries

Common types of oil rig hand injuries are:

  • Impact injuries
  • Crushing
  • Burns/Flash fire injuries
  • Cuts/Lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Overuse injuries, like carpal tunnel
  • Amputation

An oil rig hand injury can occur over a period of time, or it can happen in an instant. (BIDM)

Who Is Responsible for the Prevention of Oil Rig Hand Injuries?

Both the employer and the worker should play an integral part in taking steps to prevent oil rig hand injuries. The employer must assess risks and take steps for the safety of their employees. At the same time, the workers have the most direct involvement with the actual work. It’s important to always be vigilant of your situation and watch for ways that hand injuries can occur.

As an employee, it’s important to constantly remain aware of the possibility of hand injuries. Training programs and identification markers may warn users of dangers with specific equipment or processes. Unfortunately, even while exercising caution, injuries may still occur. The effect may be an injury that impacts the victim’s life far into the future.

What approaches can reduce the risk of oil rig hand injuries?

Some measures that can reduce the risk of oil rig hand injuries are:

  • Use of personal protective equipment like gloves
  • Rest and medical care when there are signs of repetitive trauma
  • Identifying dangers and situations where procedures are not followed; ensuring that procedures are followed
  • Appropriate training for workers
  • Supervision of workers
  • Training in how to identify dangers and responding appropriately when problems arise
  • Measures that prevent fingers from becoming stuck in machinery
  • Accurately assessing the risk of hand injuries
  • Reducing the need for the use of hands whenever possible, technological developments

Reducing the risk of oil rig hand injury requires constant vigilance. Workers must know hand injuries are possible. With their supervisors and employers, they should evaluate risks and make efforts to minimize dangers. (SafeStart)

Your Rights If You Suffer a Hand Injury While Working on an Oil Rig

An employer has an obligation to provide a safe environment for their workers on an oil rig. Even though it is a dangerous activity, the employer must still take proactive steps to evaluate dangers and prevent harm to workers.

The oil and gas industry is highly regulated. Among the regulations are rules and procedures for what happens when someone is injured. You have rights if you suffer injury to your hand while working on an oil rig.

Determining the process for compensation depends on where the injury occurred and how it occurred. When injuries occur on the high seas, there are unique compensation procedures. The traditional workers’ compensation procedures you may be familiar with may not apply. That’s not necessarily a negative thing – if you can show any negligence on the part of your employer, you may be able to claim expanded damages that include non-economic damages that are not available in traditional workers’ compensation claims. (Forbes)

How can I protect my rights if I have a hand injury while working on an oil rig?

If you suffer a hand injury while working on an oil rig, be sure to receive medical attention as quickly as possible. Receiving medical attention documents that the injury occurred and that it is the result of your work on the oil rig. It creates a timeline for the injury and can prevent injuries from worsening. In the case of repetitive use injuries, you should receive medical care as soon as you suspect your injuries are significant or work-related.

You should make a report as soon as possible. You don’t have to have extensive medical information right now, but it is enough to report that you have an injury and any incidents that occurred at work to cause the injury. There are likely procedures to report the injury to your employer.

If you’re able to preserve evidence of the accident scene, do what you can. Take photographs and videos of the injury. Take the names and contact information of anyone who may have witnessed what happened. It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what they saw or how their observations may be important to your claim. You’re just gathering information to evaluate later.

Can You Receive Compensation for a Hand Injury While Working on an Oil Rig?

It may be possible to receive compensation for a hand injury while working on an oil rig. Our lawyers can investigate the facts, applicable law, and avenues you may use to pursue compensation.

There are special federal laws that protect the rights of oil rig workers. These laws create paths to receive compensation in the event of injury. They outline legal procedures and what you need to do to make your claim.

Our Attorneys Can Help You With An Oil Rig Hand Injury

An oil rig hand injury can impact your entire life. You may be unable to work for a period or the rest of your career. You have important rights, and you may deserve compensation. However, for oil rig injuries, there are unique procedures for how to go about claiming your compensation.

Our lawyers are experienced in how to respond to oil rig hand injuries. We can represent you throughout the entire process – investigating what happened, who is responsible, and the applicable law that may determine how you pursue your case.

Any oil rig hand injury is a serious matter. You deserve legal representation that is serious and dedicated to achieving justice for you.

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