As technology advances, we expect that the newest and best products are often the best.  However, that is not always the case with plumbing.  If you have an older home, you may have galvanized pipes which are known to decay and degrade.  Old water heaters can turn into time bombs, ready to fail, or worse, explode.  Even newer plumbing systems can fail well before their time, causing catastrophic damage.

Plumbing Leaks Are Expensive

Nobody wants to open the front door of their home, only to be met by a wave of water.  Plumbing losses can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage, destroying flooring, drywall and furniture.  Insurers often underpay these claims, knowing that the homeowner usually cannot prepare pages and pages of complex paperwork to support their claim.  As a result, policyholders leave thousands of dollars on the table, even for items that should have been fully paid as part of a valid insurance claim.

Call An Expert

If you have had a plumbing leak in your house, you need experts.  You may need a plumbing expert to fix the initial problem and perform temporary repairs.  Contractors and adjusting experts can help assess the damage and identify what it costs to fix the damage.  Engineers can help determine whether the leak may have caused serious structural damage to your home. 

At Haun Mena, we know that most homeowners may not have the resources to pay for these experts out of pocket.  We will use out team of talented, qualified experts to evaluate your claim and document all of the damage to your residence, even when you are overwhelmed by the process.