What if the Insurance Company Underpaid My Claim?

Finding out that the insurance company underpaid can be frustrating. It can make you worry and wonder what to do …

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Is It Legal for Insurance Companies to Lowball You?

You make an insurance claim. You know your damages, and you eagerly await a settlement from the insurance company. The …

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Who Qualifies as a Seaman Under the Jones Act?

Our Houston maritime injury lawyers are often asked by potential clients whether they are eligible under the Jones Act to …

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What Are the Most Dangerous Maritime Jobs?

Thousands of people are hurt each year working in the maritime industry. (CDC, Marine Terminals,, and Port Operations). These injuries …

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What If the Insurance Company Didn’t Investigate My Claim?

Any insurance claim is important to the person who is filing it. You’ve carefully prepared and submitted the information the …

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Was Your Insurance Claim Wrongfully Denied?

When you have an insurance claim, you expect it to be processed quickly and fairly. Then, you hear from the …

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How Truck Accidents Are Investigated

Truck accident investigations are especially thorough for several reasons. First, the damage is often significant. Crashes involving trucks commonly produce …

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What’s the Average Car Accident Settlement in Texas?

There are thousands of car crashes in the State of Texas each year. That means thousands of car accident claims …

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How to File a Complaint Against Your Insurance Company

Maybe they made an offer that’s way too low. Maybe they didn’t make an offer at all. What you know …

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How to Fight the Insurance Company Over a Totaled Car

You’re in a car accident. There is significant damage to the vehicle. There’s an insurance claim to make, and it’s …

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