Accidental Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure on Oil and Gas Rigs

Accidental hydrogen sulfide exposure is a constant danger on oil and gas rigs. The gas smells like rotten eggs, but …

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Tugboat Accidents and Injuries

Tugboat accidents and injuries are a constant risk for crew members and captains alike. If you have been injured in …

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Who Is Liable for an Accident in a Borrowed Car?

Although there is no such thing as a “routine” car accident, the circumstances are even more complex when a borrowed …

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Compensating Burn Injuries from Car Accidents

Burn injuries from car accidents are not common, but when they do happen, they are severe. Burn injuries can cause …

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Examples of Auto Insurance Bad Faith

In a car insurance claim, the insurance company usually pushes the boundaries of acceptable conduct. If they take it too …

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Texas Seat Belt Laws

Learn more about seat belt laws – as discussed by our car accident lawyers in Houston. Today, most people regularly …

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Oil Rig Helicopter Transport Injuries

Oil rig work is dangerous, and transportation to and from the oil rig can be as well. Oil rig helicopter …

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How Do Pre-existing Conditions Affect Jones Act Claims?

The Jones Act allows maritime workers to claim benefits and compensation for workplace injuries. When workers are hurt, they expect …

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What if the Insurance Company Underpaid My Claim?

Finding out that the insurance company underpaid can be frustrating. It can make you worry and wonder what to do …

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Is It Legal for Insurance Companies to Lowball You?

You make an insurance claim. You know your damages, and you eagerly await a settlement from the insurance company. The …

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