Texas Freeze Damage Claim Denial?: What to Do

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Has insurance denied your freeze damage claim in Texas? Here’s what to do next.

Haun Mena’s Houston insurance claim lawyers explain what to do after a freeze damage claim denial in Texas.

What To Do After a Texas Freeze Damage Insurance Claim Denial

If your freeze damage insurance claim has been denied, you may appeal the decision and take legal action. Document your damage by taking photographs. Review your policy and prepare to respond to the reasons your claim was denied. Work with a lawyer to understand the true value of the claim and hold the insurance company accountable through legal action.

Things You Should Do If Your Freeze Claim Was Denied

If insurance has denied your Texas freeze damage claim, you should:

Review the reasons for the denial

Start by reviewing any reasons the insurance company gave for denying the claim.

Knowing what the insurance company said, even if they’re wrong or being unfair, can give you a starting point to respond to the denial.

Common reasons for denial are that the homeowner failed to take sufficient steps to prevent the water surge or that the problem was the result of normal wear and tear and failure to replace old pipes. When you know what the insurance company says about your case, you can prepare to respond.

Check your insurance policy language

Most homeowner policies cover sudden and accidental discharge from a plumbing source. However, there may be additional coverage in Texas like seepage coverage or foundation coverage that may be relevant to a freeze damage claim.

Start with looking for coverage for a sudden and accidental discharge but review your policy in its entirety. Different policies have different coverages, so you must review the specifics of your policy and compare it to the loss that occurred.

Take photos

Photos and videos can document the damage that you have sustained. Images can provide evidence of how the freeze occurred and how it damaged the home. Take photos of the frozen portions and any areas of the home that are damaged. Do your best to ensure good lighting. Take photos from multiple perspectives.

Gather facts

Gather information that can help you respond to the insurance company’s allegations. If they’re saying that you failed to keep your plumbing system in good repair, you may have proof of repairs and inspections.

You may have records of insulating pipes or shutting off water before leaving the property vacant. Gathering evidence can refute the insurance company’s reasons for denying your freeze damage claim.

Determine the true value of your case

Getting the compensation that you deserve starts with knowing what should be covered by insurance. Whether your claim was denied completely, or it was undervalued, knowing what you should receive for your claim can help you pursue it effectively.

Mitigate damages

If you haven’t already done so, take steps to mitigate additional damage. Turn off the water until repairs are made, so you’re not sending new water into a compromised system.

Thaw pipes with a hair dryer. Don’t ever use an open flame or torch. To the extent you can, clean up the water to minimize damage and prevent mildew. Turn up your home’s heat.

Take action

You don’t have to accept the insurance company’s initial denial of a freeze claim. You can appeal, and you can take legal action, if necessary, to secure payment. Our Texas lawyers for freeze damage claims can represent you. At Haun Mena, we handle these claims on behalf of homeowners. There are time limits, so don’t wait to act.

Get legal help

If your freeze claim has been denied, we invite you to contact Haun Mena for a case review. Our experienced team of litigators takes on the insurance companies and holds them accountable for unfairly denying claims. See how we can assist you and start your claim today.

Texas Winter Storms – Sudden and Accidental Water Damage

When reviewing insurance coverage, you’re looking for coverage for sudden and accidental water damage. The policy language may cover sudden, accidental discharge of water from the plumbing system.

Check your policy for the exact wording. Sudden and accidental discharge usually means an unexpected surge of water from a system within the house. The water may come from the plumbing system, heating or cooling or an appliance. Gradual damage, like a leaky pipe, is usually not covered.

What may be covered by a freeze damage insurance policy?

Damages that a freeze damage insurance policy may cover include:

  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Walls and structure
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Other personal property
  • Living expenses during repairs
  • Cost to tear out the wall to access the system for repairs
  • Cost to dry out the home

Our lawyers can review your damages and determine what may be covered.

Damage to water pipes from freezes

Cold temperatures can cause water in pipes to freeze. A pipe burst can cause damage, harming your drywall and home’s structure. Sudden and unexpected freezes are covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies.

However, the insurance company may deny your claim. The insurance company may say that you were negligent in maintaining old and corroded pipes. They may say that you failed to keep your home at a safe temperature.

When the insurance company unfairly denies your claim, there are things you can do. The lawyers at Haun Mena represent clients in freeze damage claim denials. We can aggressively pursue your interests, valuing your claim and advancing your rights.

We make insurance companies keep their promises

An insurance policy is a promise. When you take out a policy and pay the premium, you trust that the insurance company will pay covered losses. If they deny your claim or undervalue it, you can have experienced legal help on your side. Our team takes on the large insurance companies and holds them accountable.

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