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We are wind damage lawyers serving Houston. Haun Mena is a team of experienced insurance claim lawyers. When you pay your premiums, the insurance company should pay your claim. To see how we can help you with legal representation following wind damage to your home or other property, contact us for a case review.

Attorneys for Wind Damage Insurance Claims in Houston

Usually, homeowners insurance covers wind damage. In fact, it’s a leading type of loss cited in homeowners insurance claims. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get the compensation that you deserve.

At Haun Mena, we make insurance companies keep their promises. Our professional team can handle any aspect of the claims process, including pursuing your claim through the insurance company and any necessary court action. If you have suffered wind damage to your home or other structure, we want to help you.

Why Is Your Insurance Claim for Wind Damage Denied?

Even though most homeowners insurance policies cover wind damage, getting your compensation isn’t always easy. Insurance companies use various tactics to avoid paying claims, including:

  • Something else caused the damage other than wind
  • Lack of home maintenance caused the loss
  • There is no damage
  • You haven’t provided proof of your losses
  • With the deductible applied, there is nothing left to pay
  • The claim wasn’t filed in a timely manner
  • Your policy doesn’t cover the damage
  • Inadequate steps to mitigate damages
  • There weren’t high winds at the time you sustained damage

Insurance companies try all kinds of things to avoid paying valid claims. Our Houston wind damage lawyers can represent you.

How Our Lawyers Help with Wind Damage Claims

As your lawyers, we can:

  • Advise you on what to do – and what not to do – to preserve your claim
  • Evaluate what losses are covered
  • Prove that the wind event occurred
  • Show the causation between the wind event and your damages
  • Value the damage
  • Submit the claim with supporting documentation
  • Negotiate your case
  • Take legal action, if necessary
  • Respond to ways the insurance company tries to avoid paying your claim
  • Watching deadlines and the timeline for pursuing the case
  • Continue through all legal action, including appeals
  • Answer your questions, explain the process, and create a strategy for your case

Our philosophy is simple – you deserve top-notch service. With Haun Mena, that’s what you get. We provide personalized service and capable legal representation for all our clients, all the time. To see how our wind damage lawyers can help you, contact us now for your free case review.

How Can Wind Damage a Home?


Strong winds can cause the components of the roof to detach and blow off. Also, wind can cause objects to fall on your roof, causing damage. Shingles may be completely missing, curled, or turned. Components of the roof may become warped. A chimney is especially prone to damage. Falling trees and other objects can cause the roof to cave in. Significant structural damage elevates the risk of water damage or fire.


Damage to siding from wind includes chipping, dents, holes, cracks, and warps. Secondary damage may include mold, rot, and water leaks. Trim, window casing, vents, and other components may be compromised. Any kind of siding – vinyl, wood, veneer, fiber cement, or composite, may sustain damage because of high winds.

Broken windows

A window can break because of pressure created by wind. If the glass is cracked, or even if it isn’t, the entire window may not be able to handle the pressure of direct wind. In addition, the wind can send objects flying, striking windows, and breaking them.

Garage door

A garage door can blow off completely or become damaged in its function. The garage door isn’t as strong as the walls of the home. It may be susceptible to damage, including being knocked off its track. It may be warped or twisted. Cables can sustain damage.

Entry doors

Doors can’t withstand wind, as well as the stationary walls of the home. Doors often contain glass, fiberglass, and wood, which vary in durability. The structure of the door can be damaged, as well as the door itself.

Secondary water damage

Damage that starts as wind damage can lead to water damage. For example, the wind damages the roof, and then water leaks in. A broken window lets the rain in. The wind blows debris into the gutters and clogs them, causing water to drip and damage the home.

Understanding Wind Damage

Wind is moving air. Usually, it’s the result of temperature differences and atmospheric pressure. Winds vary in speed, direction, and duration.

In meteorology, winds are referred to by their duration, including:

  • Calm, with smoke rising vertically
  • Light air, 1-3 miles per hour
  • Gusts, brief increase in wind
  • Squalls, lasting longer than a wind gust
  • Breeze, light, gentle, strong breeze
  • Gale, strong gale, whole gale
  • Storm, thunderstorm, storm force
  • Hurricane-force

Wind impacts the earth and our lives significantly. Winds can form soil and cause erosion. It can spread fires and seeds. It impacts animals and food sources.

What speeds can cause wind damage?

Wind can damage a home at speeds as low as 21-35 miles per hour. However, the threat to property is low at speeds below 35 miles per hour. Damaging high winds, with sustained speeds or gusts greater than 58 miles per hour, create an extreme risk to property, including homes and other structures.

Wind Threats and Warnings

Threat level Sustained speed Gusts Warning or advisory
Extreme 58+ mph >58 mph High wind warning
High 40-57 mph n/a High wind warning
Moderate 26-39 mph 35-57 mph Wind advisory
Low 21-25 mph 30-35 None
Very low ~20 mph 25-30 mph None
Non-threatening <20 mph <25 mph None

Source: National Weather Service, Wind Threat Description

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