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Texas Slip and Fall Claims

A Texas slip and fall claim is a lawsuit on behalf of a victim for their injuries. It is generally brought against the person or party who was responsible for the dangerous condition that caused the accident. The purpose is for the victim to receive monetary compensation.

What compensation can I receive for a slip and fall claim?

Compensation that you can receive for a slip and fall claim includes:

  • Medical expenses – short term and long term
  • Nursing and long-term care services, if needed
  • Lost income and wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional anguish
  • Disfigurement and dismemberment
  • Loss of lifestyle
  • Wrongful death benefits
  • Exemplary/punitive damages

For each claim, the purpose of compensation is to accurately reflect the victim’s losses. The impact of the accident on your lifestyle may be significant – let our lawyers help you understand how non-economic damages for suffering are calculated and included in your claim. As your lawyers, we ensure that no type of damages is overlooked and that you have the needed evidence to receive all the types of compensation you qualify for.

How do I receive compensation for a slip and fall claim?

To receive compensation for a slip and fall claim, you:

  • Determine who has legal fault for the accident
  • File a legal claim, naming them as a party
  • Identify damages and the amount that you deserve in compensation
  • Gather and present proof of legal fault, causation of injuries and damages
  • Respond to defenses
  • Negotiate a settlement or take your claim to trial

There are a lot of steps involved in getting a fair result for your slip and fall injuries. As slip and fall lawyers, we take care of all the steps. It’s our goal to work efficiently and effectively using our expertise for you.

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Texas Slip and Fall Laws

What is the law for slip and fall claims in Texas?

A slip and fall claim in Texas may be a premises liability claim or a claim based on negligence. Either way, the property owner must be responsible for the circumstances that cause the fall and the injury. Negligence is based on ongoing activity that creates and unsafe condition, while premises liability is a dangerous condition on the land.

            Premises Liability Slip and Fall

To win a premises liability slip and fall claim, the victim must prove the following against the defendant:

  • A condition on the property
  • It’s an unreasonably dangerous condition
  • The defendant knew about it (in some cases, showing that they should have known about it is sufficient)
  • The defendant didn’t do enough to eliminate the danger
  • The accident and injuries resulted from the dangerous condition

Negligence Slip and Fall

To win a negligence slip and fall claim, the victim must prove the following against the defendant:

  • The defendant did not use ordinary care
  • Because of their lack of ordinary care, there was an unreasonable risk of harm
  • The victim suffered an accident and injuries as a result

Premises liability and negligence are similar, but different. To succeed in receiving compensation, you must identify the type of claim that you have and follow the right legal steps to pursue it. Our lawyers for slip and fall claims have in-depth knowledge of the legal standards and procedures needed to make your claim a success.

What is the duty owed in a slip and fall case?

As you learn about slip and fall claims and your legal rights, you may learn about the status of the victim. The duty that the property owner owes to the victim depends on the reason that the victim was on the property.

  • Invitee – A person who is invited to the property for the property owner’s benefit. If you’re shopping in a store, you’re an invitee.
  • Licensee – A person legally on the property but not for the property owner’s benefit. If you’re at a friend’s house, you’re a licensee.
  • Trespasser – When someone is present on a property without the right to be there. Going behind areas meant for the public may make you a trespasser.

A property owner has the highest duty of care to an invitee. They are legally liable if they know of a danger or even if they should know of the danger. For a licensee, actual knowledge of the dangerous condition on the part of the property owner is required. A property owner has a limited duty of care towards a trespasser.

To prove your case, you must identify your status as a victim and the legal standard that applies to the property owner. Our lawyers assist victims to gather the necessary proof.

Does comparative negligence apply to slip and fall cases in Texas?

Comparative negligence may apply in a slip and fall case if your own actions contribute to your injuries. The defense may argue that you share some blame because of:

  • Trespassing
  • Inattention
  • Bad footwear
  • Ignoring danger signs
  • Open and obvious dangers

Just alleging that you have comparative negligence is not enough to remove liability on the part of the property owner. Comparative fault must be based on your own negligence. If the defense brings up comparative negligence, they must prove it – just like you must prove your case.

Texas law looks at the actions and fault of everyone involved. Even when there is comparative fault, you may still recover some compensation for your injuries unless you are more than 50% at fault. Let our lawyers help you understand if this is likely to be an issue in your case and how you can work towards a fair result.

Slip and Fall Compensation FAQs

Can you sue for a slip and fall if you don’t get hurt?

To sue for a slip and fall, you should have injuries that are serious enough to seek medical attention.

Are slip and fall accidents hard to prove?

Proving a slip and fall accident depends on gathering evidence of the facts. It’s important to work diligently through each part of the claim including legal liability, the severity of injuries and damages. Diligent preparation of the case with the help of a slip and fall accident lawyer can prove your case and make it a success.

What is the statute of limitations for a slip and fall in Texas?

There is a two year statute of limitations for a slip and fall in Texas. Under the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003, you have two years to begin your slip and fall claim.

What if the property owner is a friend? I don’t want to sue my friend!

There may be a way for you to receive fair compensation through an insurance policy. Homeowners insurance or another kind of property insurance may cover the damages. Don’t assume that you must ruin a friendship to get the compensation that you deserve. Contact our attorneys to talk about your case.

What amount can I receive for a slip and fall claim?

The amount that you can receive for a slip and fall claim is the total of your economic losses and pain and suffering. Other things may impact the amount of compensation like the clarity of legal fault and the evidence of severity of your injuries and their relationship to the accident.

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