How to File a Complaint Against Your Insurance Company

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Maybe they made an offer that’s way too low. Maybe they didn’t make an offer at all. What you know is that the insurance company isn’t treating you fairly.

You want to file a complaint against your insurance company. Where do you begin?

How to File a Complaint Against Your Insurance Company in Texas

Steps to file a complaint against your insurance company in Texas:

  1. Go to the complaint page on the Texas Department of Insurance website.
  2. Choose the type of insurance involved, like auto or health insurance.
  3. Use the online complaint system to provide the information and make the complaint. You need to create an account.
  4. If you need help, you can call (800) 252-3439.
  5. You may also file a consumer complaint with the Attorney General of Texas. However, that should not replace filing the complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance.

Who Responds to Insurance Complaints in Texas?

If you’re thinking about filing an insurance complaint in the State of Texas, you may wonder who receives the complaint. The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) is a government entity of the State of Texas. TDI regulates insurance in Texas. They ensure that consumers are protected by ensuring fair and stable competition in the insurance industry and responding to complaints. They also provide information to empower consumers to meet their insurance needs and uphold their rights.

For insurance, consumers have an unequal playing field. They choose their policies and pay the premiums. When they file a complaint, they can only hope that the insurance company pays them fairly.

But what happens when they don’t? Filing a complaint with TDI is one way to have a third party address the problem. The TDI complaint system exists to help consumers protect their rights and get fair payment for their claims.

Is Filing an Insurance Company Complaint Right for Me?

There are things that TDI can do to help with insurance claims, and things they cannot do. If you are wondering whether filing an insurance complaint is right for you, consider:

  • Have you filed your insurance claim? Are all the supporting documents submitted and complete including proof of loss? TDI cannot intervene with payment for a claim unless the claim is submitted and complete.
  • Have you given the insurance company every opportunity to respond? It’s okay to be the squeaky wheel. Contact the insurance company for updates. Ask them for the status of the case and when you can expect an offer.
  • Are there internal appeals within the insurance company? Your insurance company should have an internal appeal process. You may escalate your appeal internally for additional reviews. Different people looking at your claim may cause a different outcome.
  • Is the claim against your own insurance company? TDI cannot intervene in a case involving a third-party failure to pay. For example, if your claim is to another driver’s car insurance, and they won’t pay, TDI can’t help. However, you can hire a lawyer for a legal claim.
  • Is the dispute about accident fault? TDI does not determine who was at fault for an accident.
  • Can you try the appraisal process? Appraisals are one tool to resolve insurance disputes. Both you and the insurance company hire appraisers. If their determinations are different, a third appraiser acts as an umpire. The appraisers charge a fee, of course, but this can still be an excellent tool in the claims process.

The complaint process exists to help consumers protect their rights. In the right circumstances, a complaint can help you get a fair result for your insurance claim.

How do I make my complaint effective?

If you’re going to make an insurance complaint, you want to get it right. Be sure that you provide enough information for TDI to investigate. Include the insurance company and policy information, a summary of the facts of the case and the issues in dispute. Be clear, be succinct, and don’t put too much emotion into your writing. Always provide the information requested by TDI in their complaint forms.

What Does the TDI Help With?

Texas Department of Insurance may help you in any of these situations with your insurance company:

  • The insurance company will not respond to a claim or make an offer
  • An offer was made and accepted, but they won’t make the payment
  • A policy was canceled or not renewed
  • They unfairly denied a claim
  • Health care was not authorized or coverage was denied
  • Customer service problems and issues
  • Misrepresentations by the insurance company regarding coverage or claims
  • Unlawful rate increases
  • Fraud
  • False advertising

Why File an Insurance Complaint?

When you file an insurance complaint, state regulators may help you reach an acceptable resolution. In addition, it sends a message to the insurance company that you’re willing to pursue your case until you have justice. You bring the issue to the attention of regulators which may cause additional scrutiny of the insurance company or new regulations that may help others.

How can a lawyer help me?

A lawyer works to help you get justice in your insurance claim. Part of their representation may be assisting you with filing an insurance complaint. They can ensure that you submit the needed information clearly.

In addition, your lawyer may help you file a legal action. Sometimes, the insurance complaint process isn’t appropriate for a claim. Sometimes, the complaint process doesn’t reach the appropriate result. You still have legal rights. Your lawyer can assist you with asserting your rights.

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