Dallas Hail Storm Damage and Tips for Claim Filing

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Northern Texas experienced widespread hail storms in June 2023, targeting the Dallas area. Hail from marble size to apparently baseball size fell for two days in a row.

Large hail can damage your roof, siding, gutters, and other parts of your property. While most Texans have homeowners or commercial property insurance that covers hail damage, insurance companies sometimes deny valid claims.

If your insurance company won’t pay your Dallas hail damage claim, what can you do? Our bad faith insurance attorneys at Haun Mena explain.

Why Would Your Insurance Company Deny Your Dallas Hail Damage Claim?

When insurance companies receive multiple claims resulting from a widespread Dallas hail storm, they may try to deny your claim. In other cases, they might delay claims processing or attempt to underpay.

If you have hail damage to your roof, these companies may state that the roof has:

  • Cosmetic damage: The damage won’t jeopardize the integrity of your property, only the looks.

  • Late claim: You didn’t file your claim quickly enough after the event that caused the damage.

  • Manufacturer defect: Your roof contains defective materials that your policy doesn’t cover.

  • Partial damage: The hail didn’t cause enough damage to replace your entire roof.

  • Previous damage: Your roof had damage resulting from an earlier event, and that damage, rather than what occurred in the most recent event, is causing your problems.

  • Wear and tear: Roofs degrade over time, and insurance doesn’t cover naturally occurring wear and tear due to age.

Other times, insurance adjusters don’t recognize damage due to their limited training. Regardless of the reason, unfair hail damage claim denials leave Texas property owners frustrated.

What Do You Need To File a Dallas Hail Damage Claim?

If you suspect that hail damaged your property, review your insurance policy. You’ll need to know:

  • The deductible for hail damage
  • Actual cash value or replacement coverage
  • Deadline for reporting damage and filing a claim

Next, take photos of all the damage. If a damaged roof leaks, take pictures of the inside water damage as well. It’s not necessary to climb onto your roof to take these photos; however, if a contractor comes to inspect the damage, ask them for copies of any pictures they take.

If the cost of repairs is less than your deductible, there’s no need to file an insurance claim. Ask a local contractor for an estimate to get an accurate idea of the extent of your damage and repair or replacement costs.

Be wary of contractors who don’t have local addresses; it’s good to research any company that will perform work on your property. Look for:

  • Current liability insurance coverage
  • Reviews and complaints
  • Number of years in business

You want to ensure that the contractor you choose is legitimate, reliable, and local so they’re available for any follow-up work.

5 Tips for Dealing With the Insurance Adjuster on Hail Damage

Insurance companies don’t want to pay more than they must for Dallas hail damage claims. Follow these tips to increase your chances of receiving fair treatment and compensation.

Keep records of the storm

The more documentation you have, the stronger your claim is. Make videos of the storm and write down (or type) details about the storm’s intensity, timing, and duration. You can also gather a few pieces of hail and take pictures of them next to a ruler to show their size or put them into your freezer to show the adjuster.

Have a contractor present

If possible, schedule your insurance adjuster to come when your contractor can be there. The contractor can explain the damage and the cost of repairs, lending the weight of their experience and expertise to your claim. If your contractor can’t be present, you can still give their report to the adjuster.

Do your research

Prepare for the adjuster’s visit by looking at your insurance policy details and any warranties that may cover the damaged items. Make a list of pertinent questions so you won’t forget. Arming yourself with this knowledge helps you to protect your rights and can lead to better compensation offers.

Review settlement offer details

You don’t have to accept or sign the adjuster’s initial settlement offer for your Dallas hail damage. You have the right to take time to review the offer or ask for an attorney’s assistance if you think it’s unreasonable.

Contact a bad faith insurance attorney

If your insurance company denies, delays, stalls, or attempts to underpay your claim, you may have grounds for a bad faith insurance claim. These companies have other ways of acting in bad faith as well, and all of them intend to minimize the compensation they must pay. A bad faith insurance lawyer from Haun Mena will advocate for your rights and require that the liable insurance company treat you fairly.

Why Choose Haun Mena To Assist With Your Dallas Hail Damage Claim?

Ryan Haun of Haun Mena has personally handled thousands of complicated insurance claims. Our legal team’s extensive experience gives us complete knowledge of applicable laws and insurance company tactics. You can always communicate directly with your attorney because we believe in having personal relationships with every client.

If your insurance company isn’t fairly creating your hail damage claim in Dallas, Houston, or throughout Texas, contact Haun Mena to see how we can help. Reach out 24/7 by calling (713) 874-9216, or submitting our free case review request form.

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