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In exchange for your premium dollars, your insurance company is promising to pay your claim when something bad happens to your property.  At Haun Mena, we want to help you make the insurance company keep their promise.


An Insurance Policy Is a Promise



You hope you never need it, and for most homeowners, decades pass without ever calling your insurance company for anything more than a minor fender bender or a chip in your windshield. You sleep better knowing that you have the promise of insurance behind you in case something bad happens.

But what happens when that “something” becomes real? What do you do when you have a hail storm or come home to a plumbing leak or a fire? You call your insurance company and you ask them to keep their promise to protect you. And then the problems start.

When confronted with a loss to your home, you expect the insurance company to come out to your property, assess the damage and write a check. However, for many homeowners, the insurance company’s promise is broken. Instead of an easy settlement of your claim, you are met with delays and elaborate explanations citing indecipherable policy language. Nickels and dimes quickly turn into thousands of dollars and sometimes into a complete denial. Even though you saw the hail fall and felt the wind shake your windows, you are told that the reason your claim is not being paid is because your house is old, the roof was put on improperly, or your shingles were defective. Expensive sounding engineers are hired and conduct all kinds of elaborate tests, all adding up to one thing – the denial of your claim. Promise broken.

Fighting Your Insurance Company Is Never Easy, But WE are here to help YOU.



Chances are, they have a lot more money than you do.  They have a list of contacts full of building consultants and engineers, and for most homeowners, the deck is stacked against you.  The insurance company has the money, the time and the expertise to fight back, and you have a full-time job and a family to provide for.  You need help.

Your frustration turns into Google searches. You learn that there are a lot of people just like you, trying to fight their insurance company. There are also a lot of lawyers out there, who handle cases just like yours. How do you know who to talk to?

At Haun Mena, we would like to talk to you about your homeowners claim. We would like to have a conversation to see if we can help you make the insurance company keep their promise. And no matter what, that conversation will never cost you a penny. We will sit down with you, face to face, and evaluate your claim to determine if we are the right fit for you. And we will never ask you to pay to have that conversation.

If we can help, we want to take the burden off of your shoulders. We will never charge you any money out of your own pocket and you will never write us a check from your own bank account. The only way we get paid is if we recover from the insurance company.

Just because we take the lead doesn’t mean that you are left out of the loop. No matter what happens in your case, you control whether to accept or reject an offer. Only you can determine if your case settles.

At the end of the day, WE WORK FOR YOU – not the other way around.

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