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If you are a drunk driving accident victim, you may receive financial compensation through a civil claim. You can have legal representation from a Houston car accident lawyer at Haun Mena.

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Lawyer for Drunk Driving Accident Claims

If you’re hurt by a drunk driver, you can’t fully get justice from the criminal system. You deserve financial compensation for your injuries, financial losses and suffering. You may bring your own claim for compensation.

Our law firm represents people who have been hurt by drunk drivers. It is our goal for you to get the monetary payment that you deserve. We want to handle the burden of the legal system and ensure you are treated fairly.

Let our experienced team explain your rights and fight for justice for you. Talk to a Houston drunk driving accident lawyer today by calling or messaging to talk to our friendly team.

Types of DWI/DUI Cases We Handle

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) accidents happen in a variety of circumstances. Here are some types of DWI/DUI cases we handle:

  • Rear-end, T-bone, side swipe, pile up, rollover

  • Freeways, highways, state roads, local roads

  • Driver and passenger victims, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists as victims

  • Commercial drivers

  • Claims involving alcohol, drugs or a combination of both

  • Breath tests, blood and urine testing, situations where no test was administered or it was done incorrectly

  • Accompanying criminal charges, a plea deal, dismissal, guilty verdict or situations where a criminal charge is still pending

  • Circumstances where fault may be contested or complex

  • Issues with the police investigation, where additional investigation is needed

We are experienced accident lawyers who understand the challenges and ways the other side may try to minimize your compensation. See how we can work to protect your rights and pursue your compensation.

Texas Drunk Driving Laws

Drunk driving in Texas is driving in a public place with an unlawful bodily alcohol content or driving with reduced physical or mental faculties because of alcohol or drugs. It can be alcohol, drugs or a combination of these substances. An unlawful bodily alcohol content is 0.08 or more for all drivers, and 0.04 or more for commercial licensees operating a commercial motor vehicle.

What is the Texas drunk driving law?

Texas Penal Code § 49.04 is the drunk driving law. In Texas, the official name for drunk driving is driving while intoxicated.

What are the criminal penalties for drunk driving in Texas?

Criminal penalties for drunk driving in Texas are:

  • 1st offense: Class B misdemeanor, 3–180 days jail, up to $2,000 fines, license suspension

  • 1st offense with an open container: The same penalties as a 1st offense except for a six-day minimum jail sentence

  • 1st offense with a 0.15+ bodily alcohol content: The offense is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail

  • 2nd offense: 1 month to 1 year jail, up to $4,000 fines, license suspension

  • 3rd offense: 2–10 years in prison, up to $10,000 fines, license suspension

  • Zero tolerance: It is unlawful for a driver under the age of 21 to have any measurable level of alcohol content while operating a motor vehicle

A district attorney with jurisdiction makes the decision on whether to prosecute criminal charges. However, the victim decides for themselves whether to pursue financial compensation through a civil claim.

Regardless of the status of criminal charges, a victim has the option to bring their own claim for compensation. You shouldn’t wait to contact our lawyers to talk about your case. We want to preserve the evidence, evaluate your options and create a legal strategy that is specific to your situation.

See how we can help you create a case plan and pursue your compensation without unnecessary delays.

Seeking Judgments and Settlements for Drunk Driving Accident Victims

Our Houston lawyers seek judgments and settlements for victims in drunk driving accident claims. Damages in a drunk driving claim are often significant – you likely have serious injuries and losses. It is our goal to pursue a resolution that reflects the harm that has occurred.

Types of compensation in drunk driving claims

The compensation you may claim for a drunk driving accident may include:

  • Emergency medical care including stabilization and diagnostic services

  • Ongoing medical care like therapy, follow-up visits, prescriptions and medical devices

  • Mental health treatment

  • Lost wages, income, employment benefits and long-term career damage

  • Vehicle damage, personal property damage

  • Physical pain and suffering

  • Disfigurement and loss of mobility

  • Emotional anguish

  • Wrongful death damages

  • Exemplary (punitive damages)

Exemplary damages may be awarded in a Texas drunk driving case because of the offender’s willful act that results in harm to the victim.

Who May Have Liability for a Houston Drunk Driving Accident Case?

Parties who may have legal liability for a Houston drunk driving accident case are:

  • The driver: Each driver is responsible for their own actions. A driver should never get behind the vehicle while intoxicated.

  • An employer: An employer may be liable for the actions of their driver.

  • A bar or restaurant: A bar or restaurant may be liable for overserving a patron who is obviously intoxicated and poses a danger.

Getting justice for your case means responsibility for all parties who have legal liability for what happened. Our lawyers investigate the underlying causes and opportunities for you to collect a settlement or judgment.

What if I was partially at fault but I wasn’t drinking?

If you were partially at fault, but you weren’t drinking, you may still receive compensation. Texas law doesn’t prevent you from getting damages unless you are found to be 51% or more at fault for the crash. Our lawyers can help you evaluate the situation if you believe fault may be a factor.

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