Homeowners Claims

Most of us shop for insurance the same way we shop for produce – find the cheapest option and move on.The policy renews, year after year, and the envelopes full of documents stack up in a drawer.But when the time comes, you need to know what your insurance policy covers and doesn’t.

Over the years, we have talked to hundreds of clients. Most people are surprised to learn that their insurance policy didn’t cover everything they thought it did.And that is where the insurance company starts – with the fine print.Most companies will rely on pages and pages of exclusions to justify denying under underpaying your claim.Your claim gets lost in the fine print, and before you know it, you do too.


Pride In Preparation

At Haun Mena we pride ourselves on preparation

If you want to fight your insurance company, you need someone who not only understands the fine print, but also the big picture. That means reading dozens of pages of your insurance policy to find out what your insurance company won’t cover.But preparation only starts with your policy.One advantage we have as lawyers is that we can obtain the insurance company’s internal files.We can obtain information that was never shared with you when you were talking to the insurance company and that helps us obtain an important advantage – the advantage of information.

Homeowner claims aren’t just about paperwork.  They are also about using technology to level the playing field.Our experts have decades of experience in construction and adjusting, and when needed, can call upon cutting edge technology to help us prove your case.Forward Looking Infrared (“FLIR”) cameras help us detect moisture in the walls, even where normal cameras can’t go.But you won’t see these tools in the hands of the insurance adjuster that goes to your house – because less information means less money paid to you.


Real Cases Handled By Real Lawyers

If you have been looking around on the internet, you have seen plenty of lawyers that brag about their wins and their resources.  Once you hire them, however, you don’t get the brilliant trial lawyer you saw on the web. Instead you get a young associate with little experience and even less understanding of the law.  The reality is that at a lot of firms you will never even meet the lawyer you want to hire. Your case will instead be passed off to junior associates and paralegal. At Haun Mena, we want to do things differently, and we think it starts at the beginning.From day one, you will discuss your case with a partner who will handle your case from start to finish.  That is our promise to you.

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