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Do you have an insurance claim to file involving your residence? Our homeowners insurance claim attorneys in Houston can represent you. If you are starting a claim, or if you need help responding to a denial or low offer, our law firm can assist. Contact us today to talk about your case and start today.

Lawyers Representing Homeowners with Insurance Claims

Getting the compensation that you deserve for a home insurance claim isn’t always easy. You may not know what steps to take or what to do if the insurance company doesn’t pay the right amount.

We are lawyers representing homeowners with property damage claims. Our team understands how to pursue these claims in court as well as how to negotiate with the insurance company. Let our team evaluate your loss and pursue actions to receive your payment.

What types of things does home insurance cover?

Homeowners insurance protects the value of your home and its contents. Some of the types of claims that may be covered are:

  • Wind: Harm to a home may result from straight winds, tornadoes, hurricanes or other weather

  • Water damage: Water may damage a home from rain or from a burst pipe or leak inside the home. Water damage can create complications like mold growth

  • Hail: Hail can dent or crack the structure of the home including siding, shingles, the roof or windows

  • Theft, vandalism: When theft results in a loss of personal property, it may be covered by homeowners insurance

  • Fire and lightning: A fire in the home may result from lightning or from an internal source like an electrical defect, cooking accident, candle or other source. Smoke damage may be covered

  • Injury: Insurance may pay compensation if someone is injured because of a dangerous condition at the home

The most common basis for a homeowners insurance claim is wind or hail. Wind or hail may directly harm the structure. In addition, a tree may fall on the house or an item may fly in the air, striking the home and causing damage.

While there are a variety of types of home insurance claims, what they all have in common is a homeowner who needs their claim honored based on the terms of their policy.

Types of Homeowners Insurance Coverage in Houston

A homeowners insurance policy classifies losses into several categories of coverage:

  • Dwelling: Pays for covered damages to the home

  • Personal property: Protects the items in the home, your personal property

  • Other structure: Detached garages and sheds may be covered

  • Loss of use: When damage prevents you from living in the home while repairs are made, loss of use coverage helps you with alternative living expenses

  • Personal liability/medical payments: Pays for losses when a person is hurt because of a dangerous condition on your property. It may cover an animal attack such as a dog bite

Exact coverage may vary. It will be determined by what is stated in your policy.

How we assist you with your homeowner claim and lawsuit

You didn’t plan on needing to make a claim. It may be your first time going through the process. Having an attorney gives you a guide and professional help. Our aim is to ensure that you receive what is covered by your policy.

Here are some ways that we assist our clients with homeowner insurance claims and lawsuits:

  • Interpreting your policy to understand what terms mean and how they apply to your situation

  • Determining next steps if the insurance company does not respond to your claim in a timely manner

  • Understanding the amounts that should be covered

  • Reviewing deductibles and dollar limits, replacement cost coverage and actual cash value coverage

  • Responding and gathering evidence if the insurance company is saying that a certain type of damage isn’t covered when it should be

  • Proving the value of the loss and the amount that should be paid

  • Filing a legal action and proving the case in court

  • Using the appraisal process, if appropriate

  • Interacting with the insurance company and negotiating your case

Our law firm can become involved at any stage in the case. Report the claim to your insurance company as soon as you can. Make only temporary repairs like boarding up windows or using a tarp to prevent additional damage. Take photos and videos of the damage and make an itemized list.

The insurance company has deadlines that it must meet, like telling you that they received your claim within 15 days. Once they have all the information from you, they have 15 days to accept or deny the claim.

Once they agree to pay, they have five days to submit the payment. There are some exceptions to these timelines. One of the ways that we assist you is by helping you understand how to make your claim complete and prevent a situation that may result in a delay.

Why Choose Our Insurance Claim Attorneys in Houston, TX?

At Haun Mena, we understand insurance. In fact, law firm founder Ryan Haun practiced at some of the largest insurance firms representing homeowners throughout Texas.

We are committed to representing individuals and businesses when they need outstanding legal representation in insurance issues. We know how to evaluate, strategize and pursue home insurance claims. It’s our goal to pursue your compensation efficiently and completely.

Chances are, if you have a question or an issue with an insurance claim, we’ve seen it before. We guide you through the entire process and create a case plan that is personalized for your situation. Whether it can be resolved by negotiating with the insurance company, or we need to take your case to court, our insurance claim attorneys are prepared for the challenge.

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