The Storm Is Not Over

Even though Hurricane Harvey was 8 months ago, much of the damages are still being
dealt with. Rockport, TX is a town of 10,323 residents that were all affected by the storm. 94%
of the homes were damaged and 30% of the homes are unlivable. Families are still
displaced nearly a year after the rain has stopped falling and the wind has stopped assaulting the

Not only were residential areas affected by the storm, but so were businesses. 33% of the
businesses in Rockport have not reopened. These owners will not only be losing thousands of
dollars in income, but they will have to work on documenting their losses and filing claims with
their insurance companies. As of this month, 33% of homeowners have been paid, 16% still have
open claims, and 51% of claims have been closed without payment for losses.


The new law requires property owners to send an additional pre-suit notice to your insurance company that carries consequences for your total recovery if you are wrong on your estimate of damages.
This will require you to hire costly experts early on in the dispute.

The Blue Tarp Bill also allows insurance companies to assume the liability of their agents and
adjusters, meaning they will only have to answer to the insurer that butters their bread. And if
your dispute is over $75,000, an out-of- state insurer that does this will now be able to drag your
case into our overburdened federal courts where it takes years to get to trial. This just adds more
delay and expense, which works to the benefit of the big insurance company and against the
homeowner and business owner.