When an accident happens it seems like the legal process can be daunting.  We have unique understanding of that process and will fight to make sure corporations don’t put their profits over the people who deserve to be compensated. 

You are More Important than Their Profits

After an accident, all you can think about is, “Am I ok?  Is my family ok? What happened?” These are common thoughts and necessary thoughts when you or your family member has been injured in an accident.  On the other side, the person or company that injured you or your family is thinking, “This wasn’t my fault! Am I going to lose my job? How do I get out of this situation?” Self-preservation is a natural human tendency.  When it comes to a lawsuit, it’s this self-preservation that gives a distinct advantage to those who know how to use it. 

If you are injured by an 18-wheeler, it is probable that while you are in the ambulance or at the hospital, coping with your injuries, the trucking company has already hired an attorney and other experts to go out to the accident scene and show why it wasn’t the 18-wheeler’s fault. 

We Have a Unique Understanding of the Legal Process

For the first eight-years of his career as a trial lawyer, Doug Mena worked for the trucking company.  He became so proficient at defending these companies that he became the youngest attorney to ever make partner at his prior national law firm while also earning honors as a Texas Super Lawyer – Rising Star year after year.  Doug is intimately familiar with trucking company’s process because he used to dictate that process.  He was the one the trucking company called after an accident. He knows who the experts are and what they are looking for to “prove” it wasn’t the trucking company’s fault.  Doug knows the process so well that he also knows how to beat it.

Doug knows there are certain things the company intentionally does not look for because if they had looked for those things they would have no choice but to admit that they were at fault and they don’t want to do that.  It’s called “plausible deniability,” and its used every day by large companies to rob individuals of compensation they so dearly need and deserve because of the negligence of the company and their employees. 

Why Hire Haun Mena Instead of the Other Guys?

At Haun Mena we know how to beat the corporate system.  We will fight all the way through trial if necessary to make sure that corporations do not put their profits over people, like yourself, who deserve to be compensated for their injuries.  We at Haun Mena will always put YOU before everything else.  To prove it, if you choose us to represent you or your family and we do not win, we NEVER charge you a penny.  Not. One. Cent.  That’s how confident we are and how much our clients mean to us.