What to Expect When You Sue

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Ryan Haun helps a client with their insurance case

Your success depends on obtaining an experienced legal professional.

Suing an Insurance Company sounds like such a nightmare, and sometimes it is. But, it might also be the only way to get your damaged property fixed. Insurers will do everything they can to avoid paying you the money you deserve. By hiring a lawyer, you will have an ally to help you get the coverage you bought and expect.

Your goal is to hire an experienced lawyer that has successfully sued insurance companies and won. Your attorney will guide you through the following process.

The “discovery” stage is where the facts and history of the dispute are investigated.

The “depositions” stage is when the insurance company’s lawyers conduct their fact finding.

Your lawyer will prepare you for the deposition which helps protect you from unfair questions.

If you do not settle, then the case will go to trial which could take months, or even years to resolve. During the course of the suit, you will have settlement discussions with your lawyer in order to make decisions that insure you get what you believe to be fair.

The Cost of a Lawsuit

If your lawyer has a contingent fee system, he will initially pay expenses out of pocket. The contingency attorney’s fee will be a percentage of the amount recovered for you, plus expenses incurred on your behalf. If there is no recovery from the insurance company, there is no fee.

Tips for Success

Before an accident occurs:

Take pictures of car, home, and business to have on record in case you need them for reference after they’ve been damaged.

After an accident occurs:

  1. Take pictures of all the damages.
  2. For vehicle accidents, call the police and make a report.
  3. Get full information of the other party involved.
  4. Call your insurance agent or company.
  5. Let the insurance company asses the damages and send you a quote for the amount they will cover.
  6. If you make repairs, save all the receipts.
  7. If the amount they are offering is not enough to cover the repairs, you may want to hire independent experts that will assess your damages.

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