Winter 2018

One of Houston’s Fastest Growing Private Companies Crashed

“Phoenix Staffing and Consulting, our family-owned business, was enjoying the prospects for the continued growth of our firm after being named one of Houston’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Firms for three consecutive years. We had five offices in three Texas cities and over 2,000 field employees working domestically and internationally. The sky seemed limitless … until my Vice President of Operations met me in the hall of our Galleria office. She was pale and appeared to have aged twenty years since I had last seen her twenty minutes before. In that twenty minutes, she had received a call from a field employee indicating that her payroll check had been declined at the bank.

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Be Prepared, Don’t Be Uninsured

In August, Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 50 inches of rain on Houston. Having the right insurance company and coverage for your home, car, or business is vital when you are involved in a catastrophe. Who you choose is not necessarily as important as what coverage you select.

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What to Expect When You Sue

Suing an Insurance Company sounds like such a nightmare, and sometimes it is. But, it might also be the only way to get your damaged property fixed. Insurers will do everything they can to avoid paying you the money you deserve. By hiring a lawyer, you will have an ally to help you get the coverage you bought and expect.

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