Plants and Refineries are Often Hosts for Employee Injuries

Photo of Oil RefineryDay after day, shift after shift, plant and refinery workers clock-in to sites that may be populated with hazardous materials, stressed production schedules, and an overly-tired workforce. Couple those factors with failed equipment, chemical spills or hazardous acts of Mother Nature, and the formula for accidents and irreparable damage is complete.

On any given day, the 140 plus oil refineries in the United States may be subject to refinery fires, explosion of hydrocarbon vapors, failure of heat exchangers or bolts of lightning.

When those accidents impact you or a member of your family, you want to quickly make a claim. Delaying for too long may compromise your successful case. The investigations conducted to determine the cause of the accident may take months or years. Don’t wait for official findings. Even when final conclusions of cause are not confirmed, you should secure legal counsel and representation. By its very description, yours is an industry that is dangerous.

If you or a family member have been injured while working in a plant or refinery, reach out to a law firm that can deliver the justice you deserve.