Automobile drivers just don’t see motorcycles and that causes most motorcycle accidents. Inattentive driving is always a risk, but is especially dangerous for motorcycle drivers. 

Common Mistakes

Inattentive drivers commonly:

  • Turn left in front of motorcycles at intersections
  • Merge into traffic lanes without looking
  • Ignore the right-of-way for bikes

Bikers more vulnerable

A collision that might be a fender-bender between two trucks is much more dangerous between a truck and a motorcycle.

Motorcyclists are also at risk from defective bike parts, bad repairs, and poorly maintained roads.

A pothole that might cause a flat tire for a car can send a motorcycle spinning off the road.

Motorcycle Accidents need immediate attention

Even if there are no apparent injuries, motorcyclists must see a doctor immediately after a crash. Traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries are often invisible. Post-accident adrenaline can mask broken bones.

consult an attorney

The public has an unfair bias against motorcycles. Even when the other driver admits fault, insurance companies often try to blame the motorcyclist.

Motorcycle owners often have their own uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance – which means making a claim for injuries can be very complicated.

Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible can help protect your rights.

It is important to gather evidence and witness statements quickly, while memories are fresh and the accident scene is preserved. An attorney can work with the police and private investigators to determine the causes of the accident. 

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