The maritime industry has one of the highest injury rates of any industry in the United States. Injured maritime workers (seaman) and railroad workers have the ability to bring claims against their employers.  This is different from other workers, who can only obtain workers’ compensation from their employers.

Maritime Injuries

The Jones Act and General Maritime Law protect crew members on boats against negligence and unseaworthiness.  Work on boats is dangerous and serious injuries and death claims are all too common.

When an injury or death occurs on or around a boat, there are many facts and issues that must be considered.

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Railroad Injuries

The Federal Employer’s Liability Act (FELA) was created in 1908.  FELA provides comprehensive protection to railroad workers and their families.

Given the nature of work at rail yards and around equipment, locomotives and rail cars, serious injuries such as burns, broken bones, head injuries and loss of limb are common occurrences.  In addition, many railroad workers are killed on the job each year.

As a railroad worker, you are entitled to compensation if your employer’s negligence caused or contributed to your injury.  FELA also provides compensation to families who have lost a loved one due to an employer’s negligence.

The work at railroads is unique, and understanding how and why an accident happened requires knowledge of the nature of the industry. 

Consult with an experienced attorney

It is important to investigate a maritime or railroad accident as soon as possible.

Witnesses need to be interviewed while their memories are fresh. Equipment needs to be preserved for inspection before it’s repaired or altered.  The scene of the accident needs to be photographed.

Given that crew members come from all across the country to work on a boat, it is also important to talk with them as soon as possible.

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