In and around major Texas cities like Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio there is a growing cycling community. Bike lanes are beginning to be funded by local government agencies. Bicycle accidents are common and can leave lasting injuries.

Drivers Endanger Bicyclists

Even with the most recent push to protect cyclist and provide them with an opportunity to share the road with automobiles, too many drivers:

  • Don’t maintain proper distance
  • Fail to respect bicycle riders
  • Fail to share the road with bicycle riders
  • Disregard bike lanes
  • Turn in front of bicycles

Poorly designed bike paths and confusing intersections can dump a law-obeying cyclist straight into the path of a motor vehicle.

Cyclists at serious risk

Cyclists are far more exposed than drivers. Broken limbs, back and spine injuries are common in bicycle accidents. Traumatic brain injuries are a leading cause of bicycle accident fatalities.

Often, an injured bicyclist is unable to provide facts regarding an accident due to seriousness of their injuries. In addition, blame is often unjustly placed on the bicyclist.

Accident facts, evidence and witnesses need to be documented as soon as possible. If you have been in a bicycle accident, we can help. We will guide you in collecting the documentation you need and make sure you obtain proper medical treatment.