Record Storms in Texas

Over the past several years, Texas has seen some record storms.  Reports of softball size hail have poured in from all over the state, including major metropolitan areas like Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and McAllen.  Unfortunately, with record storms came record numbers of denials, leaving loyal policyholders with leaky roofs and un-repaired damage. 

Unfortunately, wind and hail claims are often handled by “outside” adjusters.  The adjuster that inspects your house is often not the adjuster who decides if you get paid for your claim.  Many times, the adjuster who determines how much your claim is worth is sitting in an office a thousand miles away, and has never actually seen your house in person.


Let Us Help You Get What You Deserve.

Wind and hail claims are among the most common homeowners claims made in the State of Texas.  Unfortunately, the damage hail causes to your house is not always something that you notice right away.  It may take weeks or months before you notice a water leak inside your home. Most homeowners do not inspect their roof to determine if a storm has damaged their home.  As a result, insurance companies often deny claims that are not made immediately after a storm.