responsibly moving your case as quickly as the legal system allows.

Your personal injury case begins even before the legal steps are taken. Specifically, at Haun Mena our priority is to be certain that you have received all possible medical care required to restore your health to its level prior to injury. Should the liable party or insurance company deny claim of fiscal responsibility or undervalue the losses you’ve incurred, the legal process then begins.

The process itself can be a daunting, lengthy experience. As your attorneys we will navigate you and your lawsuit through each stage from filing the lawsuit to conducting discovery, taking depositions, facilitating mediation and, if necessary, litigating your case in court to a jury of our peers. The process may take months, or it may take years depending on the complexity of the case. It is our responsibility to move your case through the process as quickly as the legal system allows.

As always, our objective at Haun Mena is to be certain that your story is heard and the justice you deserve is delivered.