Ryan Haun

Our Technology is Rapidly Becoming a Critical Survival Tool

2017 was a year that brought with it deadly natural disasters from forest fires that consumed residential, commercial, and agricultural land to torrential rains, winds, and monumental flooding that devastated homes, neighborhoods, and government buildings. With each disaster, it has become progressively more evident that technological resources have secured ones’ survival. Whether as an individual or as an emergency responder, technology is now, more than ever before, coming to our rescue.
Doug Mena

Plants and Refineries are Often Hosts for Employee Injuries

Day after day, shift after shift, plant and refinery workers clock-in to sites that may be populated with hazardous materials, stressed production schedules, and an overly-tired workforce. Couple those factors with failed equipment, chemical spills or hazardous acts of Mother Nature, and the formula for accidents and irreparable damage is complete.