Ryan Haun Elected to Texas Bar Foundation

Ryan Haun was confirmed to serve on the Texas Bar Foundation. Being nominated to the foundation means an attorney has a high level of dedication to justice and high standing among fellow attorneys. Haun’s commitment to serving in the role of both attorney and counselor at law is underscored by his recent nomination to this prestigious association.
Ryan Haun

Insurance Policies are like Cars

Insurance is like a car. You have to do maintenance on it. Ryan Haun recommends taking out your homeowners insurance policy annually to read it and understand it and make any necessary changes. Review your coverage, checking policy limits and making any necessary changes to reflect household changes. These changes could include growth to your family and/or added property, like cars, Schedule an appointment with your insurance agent to go through the policy annually. Maintaining your homeowners insurance policy like your car can help you avoid common pitfalls that we encounter in our practice.
Ryan Haun

International Women’s Day: Arabella Mansfield

Happy International Women’s Day! The 2018 campaign theme is #PressforProgress. This has never held more importance thanks to the recent momentum of movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp. March 8 marks a day to accelerate gender equality. Over 1 million people supported the first International Women’s Day over a century ago. This century-old tradition celebrates the achievements of women.
Doug Mena

Worker’s Comp Third Party Claims

About Workers’ Compensation in Texas Texas doesn’t require employers to carry workers’ compensation coverage. Costs for coverage have declined 63% since 2005, in part due to the 28% reduction in employee claims. As such, more Texas businesses are offering coverage.
Doug Mena

Texas Independence Day

March 2, 1836 is an important day in Texas history. It marks when Texas Independence was achieved from Mexico. The 1836 Texas Revolution continued until April 21, 1836 because Mexico refused to acknowledge Texas independence.